Hi I’m Natasha Borggaard

I’m a Danish artist, living in Spain (Malaga)


I Create Paintings, Drawings, Decorations And More

Mostly I Paint Dot-Paintings and Dot-Art on all kind of things Canvas, Pot´s, Ashtrays, Furnitures,
Woods, Walls, Key-Rings, Stones And what ever pops into my head


I do drawings on walls (murals), Postcard´s, Wedding and Birthday Invitation´s
Lately I have started to modify some of my Paintings & Drawings into prints for clothing, home decorations



Hula Hoop performance

I also Dance with Hula Hoops, it is my great passion next to Art&Deco.

Recently I had my first LED Hoop performance at Mahiki Beach Club & Restaurant in Marbella.


More about Hula Hooping – will come in a section for it self.


Would you like to get in contact with me about Art&Deco or Hula Hoop Performance
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More about me

Since I’ve been a little child, I’ve always been creative

– and when I started the education as a sales-assistants in “Vaerebro builders merchant” in Denmark

my main area quickly became the colour-department.


I found out that I had a great interest in painting

After the education I began to read a lot about decoration with colours

and what great energy and feeling, they can give us.


After that – the colourful walls and furnitures, quickly came along.


My interest in colours grew

I read about their impact on our life and how we are influenced by them on daily basis.

And from there the colourful clothing began to come – I felt a big difference within myself – the energy and tranquillity levels was huge

And suddenly my wardrobe was stocked up with all the beautiful colours of the rainbow 🙂


After I finished the education, I stayed in the industry for some years – until I fell in love, and took the chance and moved to Spain.


I began to read about our chakras and their colours – and how to work with colour therapy.

Twice I have attended chakra meditation courses, where you dress, eat, meditate each colours within each chakra every day – it’s been a great journey.


I love the energy colours give us

Do not always wear black and white!!

I’m Looking forward to give you all kind of tips on how to make Decoration´s yourself,
about Colours and their meaning´s
and much more..

Welcome To My Little Creative And Colourful Universe



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