Magic Uv-Owls

The Magic Uv-Owl´s

Last year at Transition festival

I got so inspired by one of the UV-backdrops on the dance-floor.

So I decided that I would do something similar in UV, but with Dot-painting..

And then my Magic UV-Owl´s were sat in to this world
I knew it would take a lot of time and work, but not that it would take me this many hours 😀

I’m not really sure, how many – but at least over 100 hours so far.
Its been a long process.

And therefore I´m also very excited to show your guys how far I am now 😀

I ´m very happy..


I can let my UvOwl´s
Fly Free
Out in the dark nights.


Here is some pictures from start to were I am now!


I have used acrylic UV and Reflex paint on a Recycled black painted wooden-surface.

The measurement is 50cm x 100cm

I cant wait to see my Magic UV-Owls light up in the night!

An update with the finished painting will come soon 😉

Thank you or reading my blog.

Have a colourful & wonderful day.


Here is the finished work of the ‘Magic UV-Owls’

Magic Uv Owls Dot Painting (Front)
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