Comfort Hotel Vesterbro

The Butterfly Terrace

Hotel Comfort in Copenhagen made an inquire, if I could come up with some ideas on how they could bring back some life to their outdated terrace.

I came up with some ideas to make “The little butterfly terrace” I told them I could create some butterflies, to put in new flowers pots all around the area, I also drew a plan on how I thought all the furnitures should be rearranged, to make the area more comfortable.

Some furnitures needed to go to recycle, and some needed to be cleaned, and have oil, to bring life back to the wood.

The garden tiles, pots & all wooden surfaces had to be high-pressure cleaned, and new furnitures had to be purchased.

Hotel comfort ended up, liking my ideas and asked me, if I could and would like to do everything for them.

The answer was of-cause YES 🙂

It was a bit hard job (all the high pressure cleaning, oiling etc).

But I gladly do it again 😀

Before & After

Work in Progress


Comfort Hotel

Copenhagen, Denmark

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